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A revolutionary new technology for improving grip-now with a new design and tackier feel!

3M™ has discontinued the Greptile™ golf grips and golf gloves but we have an ample supply of the 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material grip strips in lengths of 1"X24" to use in making your own custom foul weather grip .

We've found a suitable replacement from Avon Grips to be used with the 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material grip strips to give you a totally new gripping experience, especially effective in foul weather conditions.

The new TOUR MTx4 micro textured grip is a better golf grip, period. Better feel, better performance and better shock absorption. Enhanced micro-traction eliminates club head twisting and improves overall traction for a more comfortable, relaxed hold of your golf club resulting in consistently straighter shots, every swing.

The MTx4 also provides discrete hand alignment arrows for a perfect hand set-up each time you grip your club.a new product that will change forever how you and your customers get a grip of your golf club.

Click here for a picture.

A product of 3M's proprietary microreplication technology, 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material Grip Strips consists of thousands of tiny "gripping fingers" that allow people to hold tighter with less effort, especially important to acheiving a consistent golf swing.

When used alone on a single surface, it provides a strong, secure grip.

When used as a two part system (Avon MicroTexture Grip on Greptile™), grip strength is maximized. And yet, as firmly as 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material holds, it releases just as easily. When used as a system 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material grip strips offers a 260% improvement in gripping friction over traditional leather gloves on rubber grips in dry conditions, and a 300% improvement in wet conditions.

For a high performance foul weather grip, you can customize your favorite Golf/Sports/work glove with Grip Strips. Adhesive backed 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material strips that can be attached to any glove to maintain and improve your grip in even the worst conditions. The 1"X24" strip is plenty to do several sets of golf gloves.
Please note that due to it's superior gripping ability, the USGA has ruled in the past that using Greptile on Greptile is non-conforming.

Therefore, using the Avon Tour MTx4 Micro grip alone is conforming, using the grip strips or a greptile golf glove is conforming, but the combination (grip and glove) is non conforming..

TOUR MTx4 micro textured grip conforms the the USGA Rules of Golf.

Avon TOUR MTx4 micro textured grip. Item: MTX4 $3.50 each
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Grip Strip: 1"X24" strip $6.79. Item GStrip.
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Actual shipping charges via US Postal Service based on weight. Shipping cost for most orders will be $5-$6. One grip shipping is $4.75. Greptile grip strip orders will be $4.75 via USPS Priority Mail. Larger grip orders will be shipped USPS Flat Rate Envelope to save shipping charges and are generally $8-$9, depending on weight.
Please disregard estimated shipped charges that appear on your online invoice, your order will be manually billed.
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