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Product Profile

Nascar Steering Wheel
Glove and Grip Photo

3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material
and Nascar

New Technology To Help Racers Get A Grip
Drivers and Crews Rapidly Adopting System To Reduce Fatigue,
Add Grip to Oily or Wet Surfaces

3M has added to its list of breakthroughs that help
drivers and crew members in the racing industry perform at their best. Using
microreplication technology, 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material comprises thousands of
microscopic "fingers," which inter-connect with each other, or with virtually any other
surface, to provide a better grip that's not locking. Schroeder Steering applies 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material to the steering wheel. Racing crew members also apply 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material to hydraulic jack handles and other tools used during the race.

Joe Nemechek, driver of the NASCAR Winston Cup, #25 UAW/Delphi Chevrolet, likes the
Greptile gripping material system from 3M so much that he is personally working with
them on modifications and improvements. "This is great," said Nemechek. "I
never thought a grip like this would be possible without getting "too much" grip. My
hands and arms get much less tired as the race goes on than ever before. With all the
shifting we do and the grind of a 3 or 4 hour race, your hands and forearms can really
get a workout."

Mike Dryman, Executive Director, Impact Sports, sports performance trainers for pit crews
and drivers agrees and also sees many places in the pits and garages for 3M™ Greptile™
Gripping Material and gloves. "This material is fantastic," says Dryman. "Even if
a tool gets wet or oily, you can maintain your grip. That can save seconds off your pit
times. The crew can be much more confident that they'll be able to work at a fast pace
without losing control of the jack or air wrench.

The Schroeder Steering wheel with 3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material is gaining popularity in other motorsports as well. Guy Cosmo, up and coming driver in the Star Mazda Series for open-wheeled racers is also an enthusiastic user. "I can see this product being used at every level of racing, from go-karts to IRL as well as Winston Cup and Formula 1," said Cosmo, who recently used the Greptile gripping material system in winning the Star Mazda Series, Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sears Point Raceway. "You can keep your hand more relaxed without losing your grip. That can definitely help reduce fatigue from the start to the finish of a race."