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IronClad Griptec Advantage Sport Glove

The Griptec Advantage sport glove offers superior grip for a variety of the most challenging sports and work applications...anything that benefits from maintaining a grip, even in foul weather conditions. Sports including golf, hunting, archery, water skiiing, snow skiing, skate boarding, baseball, snowmobile, cycling, sailing, and racquetball. Also can be used as a high performance work glove, especially when combined with the new 3M Greptile™ Gripping Material Power Strips.

Developed jointly with world-wide innovation leader 3M™, this glove is equipped with 3M gReptile™ gripping material. This patented material is highly abrasion resistant and provides a superior grip when it is mated to a surface with the same material. 3M™ gReptile™ gripping material is stragically located on the palm of the glove, and an additional piece with adhesive backing is provided with the glove to be placed on the grips of tools and sporting applications. When used together as a system it can created up to 300% more gripping strength. This lowers muscle fatigue, decreases transmitted vibration and increases lifting capability.
Features Include:

* Patented 3M gReptile™ Gripping Material on Palm
* Tool Grip Palm Pattern
* Better Grip on All Surfaces, Hyper-Grip on gReptile™ Covered Surfaces
* Extended Airprene Knuckle Protection
* New Form Fitting, Airprene Hook and Loop Wrist Closure
* Reinforced Fingertips
* One-Piece, Clarino® Nash Synthetic Leather Palm
* Breathable, Washable Fabrics

Price per pair: $39.00
Includes 4"X6" 3M Greptile Gripping Material Power Strip to attach to the handle or grip of any tool or sports application.
Extra Greptile Power Strips:
Introductory Offer: FREE 3M Greptile Gripping Material Golf Grip with purchase.
Shipping $3.85