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Greptile Grips: A Review

Grips somewhat fascinate me. After all, it is your only connection to the
club. I also would not that I'm not opposed to trying new grip
styles/materials. I've been playing primarily Winn grips (different models)
or the better part of the past 4-5 years and have been very happy with them
except in very wet conditions...

Out of the grips I received, they all weighed between 48-50 grams and have a
traditional "wrap" style to them and have a traditional taper. From a
distance they look similar to a Golf Pride Tour Velvet wrap grip.

But that's where the similarities to "traditional" stop.

The feel of these grips is like nothing else that I've tried on the market.
Now for the hardcore traditionalist, you may not like how these feel.
Personally, I thought they felt "funky-cool". The "greptiles" are these tiny
little "fingers" that stick up from the grip. I would guess they are
probably 1/2 mm in height and cover the entire surface of the grip except of
where it is bare to define the spiral "wrap".

Now when you put your hands on these you get this odd sensation (what I call
funky-cool) of these little gripper forming around every little nook and
cranny of your hand. It really forms a strong bond. Yet, unlike the Softie
or Winn grips, the "underlisting" of the grip is very firm. So your get this
little grabbing sensation followed by the firmness of a traditional grip. It
almost feels like a cord grip but is not nearly as taxing on the hands as a
cord grip.

I installed 3 grips on my clubs and headed out for 9 holes on Saturday. Its
miserable here. 45*, wet/drizzly and the courses are pretty much soaked. I
hit balls for about 45 minutes before playing, using these 3 clubs
exclusively while I warmed up.

I will say this, these perform as advertised. Wet traction was excellent and
even better once I put a glove on. Slippage was minimal even when I tried a
few "gorilla" swings. I even went as far as to leave the 6 iron uncovered
during some steady rain to really get the grip wet. When you take a towel to
it, water comes off the grip almost as if you had a squeegee in hand. The
water just runs right off the grip, leaving a dry tacky surface.

Overall, I was very impressed. Is it for the masses? Probably not as some of
you may not be fond of the different feel it gives. However, if you play in
wet or sticky conditions frequently or if your hands sweat a lot, this may
be the best non-cord option out there.

John gets a thumbs up for introducing a new product that I think is well
worthwhile trying.


"I think they are the best rainy weather grip I know of, and may replace my beloved Avon Chamois as best all round grips, but I'll withhold THAT judgment for a few rounds! Feel free to quote me."
Steve McGirr

Dear John,

I regripped my driver with one of the Greptile grips I bought from you. This has worked out great and I am really delighted. At present I only have a Greptile grip on my driver and a 3-wood but will be regripping one of my sets of irons with them. 

Anyway, just to confirm I have placed an order online for 2- Left-hand gloves as my original is starting to show some wear. The grips and gloves do work very well in the rain, just as you have stated.

Best regards,

Graeme Hyslop


I put one of the Greptile grips on my favorite Hogan 5208 wedge and a 5 iron myself, and was immediately impressed by the feel and gripping quality - without a glove!!! I play Titleist irons (962/962B) and I'm a very hands-oriented ball striker, which is why I have played without a glove for years. As a result of this style, I incurred a wrist injury that might have called for some surgery if it were'nt for my willingness to stop playing and rehab it properly, as per doctor's orders. Now I need to change from my old grips - Tour Velvet Cords - to something softer, but without getting the mushy feeling you tend to get with some of the grips currently available on the market. These Greptile grips feel soft and firm, at the same time, giving me a sense of confidence so that when I start my ! backswing, I'm not unconsciously regripping with the fingers of my right hand, at the top - searching for control when I trigger my downswing. When I put my hands on the club - my hands are ON THE CLUB, and I feel like I have total control of the shaft and clubhead because my grip doesn't slip. I noticed very quickly that this alleviated a lot of the stress on my right wrist ( the site of the injury ) since I didn't have to increase my grip pressure (the cause of the injury) through impact, in order to maintain a solid grip and to work the clubface through the ball in an effort to hit a draw, or to hold on in an effort to hit a fade. I'm going to replace all of my current grips with Greptiles -my Titleist irons and the other sets of club I own, as well, and I highly recommend these products to any and all who might be interested.


I installed the sample Greptile grip on my 9-iron and tried it out on the
range and during a soggy round. One word: wow! It is everything it is
advertised to be and more. The "more" was a big surprise: I am now hitting
my 9-iron with the Greptile as far as my 8 with a Winn. Apparently I can
lighten my grip pressure so much that the tension in my forearms is gone and
I have a much better release through impact. I just placed an order for a
bunch more of these fabulous grips. I look forward to playing "show and
tell" with all of my golfing friends.

The Greptile-equipped IronClad Griptec Advantage Sport Gloves are the best
thing going in foul weather. Even with my (prematurely) worn-out Winn grips,
the difference playing in a steady drizzle was nothing short of amazing. I
can't wait to get the Greptile grips onto all of my clubs. Then I'll have a
definite edge in bad weather.

Best regards,
John Fournier

I would like you to send me a further two Forecaster All Weather golf gloves. I do find these gloves to continue to be my favorite and found them to be great in hot humid weather, to be extremely comfortable and to keep their shape well. I went almost 3-months with one of them during this summer without a tear in the thumb or palm (unuusual for me with any glove).

I would point out also, that I am delighted at the lack of wear shown by the Greptile grips which are on all my irons and my fairway woods. I have played around 70-games this year so far, so they have had a lot of useage.