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3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material
Grip Strips

3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material Grip Strips with 3M LSE High Strength adhesive backing attach to golf gloves, tools, sports gloves...anything that benefits from maintaining a grip, even in foul weather conditions. Sports including hunting, archery, water skiiing, snow skiing, skate boarding, baseball, snowmobile, cycling, sailing, and racquetball. The strips work best when a part of a two piece 3M™ Greptile Gripping Material system. Easily cut the strips in to small shapes to customize your glove (works great with the new Forecaster Golf Glove, too) and increase grip force (with less effort). Attach the strips to hammers, garden tools...let you imagination run wild.

The strips come in a minimum size of 24 square inches (1"X24") and are priced at $6.79
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