What's Hot for 2012


Aldila RIP Alpha, Beta, NV
Aldila RIP Phenom 50 and 70

Fujikura Motore

Fujikura Motore Speeder and TourSpec
Fujikura Blur 004 and 005 Blue and Red

Grafalloy Blackbird-47" 52 gram superlite.


Graphite Design G-Series

House of Forged Patriot

KB Steel

Matrix Ozik HD6 and HD7

Matrix Kujoh

Mitsubishi Fubuki
Mitsubishi 'ilima
Mitsubishi 'ahina

Penley ET2

UST VTS Red, Silver, Black

Krank Golf Drivers
Top Six Finishers at Remax Longdrive
Used the Krank Rage Driver. Now available for average swingspeed golfers from Clubmaker Online.

Looking for more distance off the tee?
Read our article on super lightweight,
extra long drivers and swing tips.
Click here for 10 more yards.

Taylormade R11, R9, Rocketballz Reshafts

Yamada Hand Milled Putters Hand forged in Japan. Hot new burning copper finish for super soft feel.

Geek Golf FS3 Clubhead

Tacki-Mac Itomic Golf Grips
This revolutionary blend of thermo-forming materials is both very durable, and high performing in all weather conditions. ITOMIC grips maintain their tacky feel and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water.

Email here for help choosing the correct shaft for your game.

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